Finally, I’ve found some time to refresh my personal website. Nothing has changed here for years and the blog was already dead. Even if I liked the old design I have decided to make some definite changes. I found it too darkly and gloomy and with many unnecessary graphics elements which could be swapped with simple text using proper fonts. The next problem was the lack of support for mobile devices, the page was not adapting to a device screen.


As I am a web developer I’ve decided not to go for any CMS solution to build me site. The reason was simple. I didn’t need it at all. What I went for was a completely static HTML site. That’s all I needed.

So I made a list of requirements for my new site:

  • Be static and easy to modify.
    To meet this I’m using Jekyll tool built in Ruby. This is a static site generation tool which allows you to use layouts, templates, and many nice features. Building site with Jekyll could be a topic for another blog post, though. At first, I was trying to play with a tool called Pretzel which is a Jekyll .NET port. Although, after having so many troubles with it, I decided to leave it at that moment.
  • Have a responsive design to adapt to mobile devices screens.
  • Be plain, simple and without any unnecessary fireworks.

I pretty sure I met these requirements and I hope you will like my new design. Enjoy.

Check the code of site out on Github