Tomasz Subik
Full Stack Developer

Hello, I'm Tomasz! A Full Stack Developer with almost a decade of experience. Currently working with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Ember, AngularJS, Cordova, Ionic and host of other great tools. A proud member of Cowbell Labs team. An Open Source projects contributor.

When not working, I play ice hockey, rollerblade over the city, fly drones, learn and simply enjoy life.

You can mail me at [email protected] or use the contact form to write me a message.

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Below some of my latest posts

Make your Ember.js web app more progressive - part 3: Offline data

There are times when you have a limited access to the network, whether you are on a trip around the world not willing to spend lavishly on roaming services, or on a train with internet connection breaking all the time. This is the third part of the series how to make your application accessible in those moments. The previous part was about caching application assets, so you don’t need a network access to run an application consecutive time. Today, another important aspect, so without further ado, please enjoy, guide how to keep your data offline.

After working with over 25 developers, Tomasz is one of my go-to developers. By giving him more business background into the why of each user story, he is able to make intelligent implementations without me babysitting him. He is very comfortable with iterating very quickly, test driven development and trying out new technologies. While his hourly/daily price tag is in the middle to high range, since he is so effective, he ends up costing less than a less experienced and slower developer.
Jevin Maltais, Quickjack Solutions Inc.
I have many fond memories of working with Tomasz for a few years. What impressed me most was his open-mindedness. His work was always solid and delivered on time. No matter how difficult case was, solutions he implemented were creative, effective and done with high quality. Beside of creativity, I want to emphasize his collaboration and communication skills, thanks to which both team and clients remember him very fondly.
Adam Ryszewski, Combidata Poland