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I am an open-minded software developer loves creating useful web apps. Currently working using C#, mvc, jQuery. Having strong SQL, T-SQL background. Diving into javascript, ruby on rails and bunch of other cool technologies. Open source projects contributor.

On the other hand I am a sport addicted person. Beginner Ice freestyler and hockey player, in the summer inline skater. Snow and ski lover. I also enjoy jogging, playing squash and swimming.

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Visual Studio database project migrations

Visual Studio Database project is a good way to quickly get your database under source control. You will find it very useful especially if your system has a large database schema with a huge pile of stored procedures, functions, views or other database centric stuff. Unfortunately, the deployment strategy brought with it is painful and detached from reality. Automated migration of production database to the latest version is hmmm…. I won’t say impossible. I read about it, but it was like fixing sinking submarine using bare hands. Some people use roundhouse which is a very nice project to manage database migrations using differential scripts. Below you will find pros/cons of using both of these tools.


Generate migrations for DB projects - automate Visual Studio with powershell

Recently I was working on providing database migrations solution for a quite large .NET learning management system. It was a shame that there was nothing to automate process of updating production databases and everything must have been done manually. We are using custom ORM solution, VS Database project to keep database schemas in source control and factories to populate databases with static and some test data. Schemas are large - contain hundreds of tables, views and thousand of stored procedures which is why when I was looking for database migrations solution a good maintaining of updating changes in procedures was a must.

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